3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fears About Love Come True During The Moon Trine Mercury On April 22, 2022

What do you fear, in terms of love and romance? I’ve learned that most people fear the same things: being rejected, not being worthy of love and not being loved as much as you love the other person.

While there are many other fearful items on this checklist, those seem to be the top three, and they play on so many ingrained terrors – some of which develop in childhood.

For those who insist that there is ‘no fear in love’, I would suggest they stop quoting self-help books and get down to reality. Is there fear in love?

If it’s human love, then hell yes, there sure is fear. Let’s get real, folks. Being human means being afraid of many, many things, and love certainly doesn’t get a pass on this one.

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On April 22, 2022, many of us will confront some of those fears, and our love lives may improve because of it, or weaken, depending on how much fear we allow in to rule our worlds.

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