GoldenEye Facility walkthrough, from door decoder to double agent

You’ll arrive in the Facility in GoldenEye 007 after jumping from the dam after the first level.

The facility is a major hurdle that is filled with guards and soldiers that are holding you back. There are a variety of objectives you must complete, with one of them being the first randomized objective – finding the double agent – that you’ll encounter for those on Secret Agent difficulty and above.

Read on to figure out how to find Dr. Doak, rendezvous with 006, and destroy the gas tanks with ease.

Tips before starting Facility in GoldenEye 007

  • Throughout, we recommend shooting your weapon at the floor to make the enemies come to you. Take them out one by one to slowly but surely progress through the facility.
  • After interacting with the panels, there is a timer for how long the associated door can be opened. Move quickly so you don’t have to go back and forth.
  • The Double Agent, Dr. Doak, can spawn in one of six locations. You must find him to receive the door decoder to progress in the level on Secret Agent difficulty and above. He is dressed up as a scientist with an object in his hand, so you’ll have to search the rooms in the walkthrough for a scientist who is not afraid of you.
  • Wait for your conversation with 006 is done to complete the rendezvous objective.
  • At the end, make sure to place the remote mines in a position that will destroy two tanks at once. They are lined up in two rows of five tanks, so if you place the mines in between two tanks it should take out two at once.
  • After placing the remote mines, position yourself at either the double doors or the conveyor belt exit for a quick escape. Blow up the tanks with the fire button when you’re in position and leave immediately.

Facility objectives

Depending on the difficulty, you can have up to five primary objectives to complete at the facility. The five objectives are as follows:

  • Obj. A — Gain entry to laboratory area (Agent difficulty and above)
  • Obj. B — Contact double agent (Secret Agent difficulty and above)
  • Obj. C — Rendezvous with 006 (Agent difficulty and above)
  • Obj. D — Destroy all tanks in the bottling room (Agent difficulty and above)
  • Obj. E — Minimize scientist casualties (Agent difficulty and above)


Image: Rare/Nintendo via Polygon

  1. Move towards the left through the air ducts to find an open vent that leads to a restroom, but don’t drop down just yet.
  2. Take out the guard inside the stall with your silenced pistol. Once dealt with, drop down into the restroom.
  3. Defeat the four other guards in the bathroom. Some of them will be in the stalls, so make sure to check them.
  4. Exit the bathroom’s two doors to the first floor.

Activating the Control Panel and gaining entry to the laboratory area

  1. Stick to the left until you find a double door.
  2. Proceed through the double doors and eliminate the guard at the bottom of the stairs. Another guard may come through the double doors at the bottom of the stairs, so be ready to take out another enemy.
  3. Go down the stairs and head through the double doors.
  4. Hug the left wall to find a guard facing the opposite direction.
  5. Take out the guard and pick up Clearance B Keycard off of his body.
  6. Move through the double doors in the hallway, and hug the left wall until you reach another set of double doors.
  7. Go through the double doors and eliminate the enemies inside.
  8. Proceed down the hallway on the left and defeat any enemy that comes out of the connecting rooms. If you’re using the silenced pistol, the guards will stay in their rooms, so head into each room and defeat any enemies inside.
  9. Enter the first door on the right, and defeat any enemies inside while avoiding the panel on the right.
  10. Interact with the panel inside to activate the security door, and quickly exit the room.
  11. Stick to the left side of the hallway, and interact with the door to open it. If the door doesn’t open, return back to the panel and try again.

Locating the Double Agent

Before we begin, know that Double Agent, Dr. Doak, can spawn in one of six locations. You must find him to receive the door decoder to progress in the level on Secret Agent difficulty and above. He is dressed up as a scientist with an object in his hand, so you’ll have to search the rooms in the walkthrough for a scientist who is not afraid of you.

James Bond warning Dr.  Doak the double agent

Image: Rare/Nintendo via Polygon

  1. Defeat the two guards in the locker room.
  2. Open the door ahead, and take out the three guards inside without shooting the scientists. If you’re using the KF7 Soviet rifle, more enemies may come from behind you, so make sure to take them out as well.
  3. Check the rooms on the left and right of the hallway to see if Dr. Doak, the double agent is inside.
  4. If he is inside one of these opening rooms, he will give you the door decoder, which you’ll need to open the bottling room door later on. If he isn’t here, don’t worry – you can appear later in the level (which we highlight below) and is required to unlock the final area of ​​the game, so you technically can’t miss him.
  5. Proceed down the hallway through the first door. Prepare yourself to face off against many enemies behind the next door.
  6. Defeat the enemies by either waiting for them to come to the door or facing them head on. Once defeated, head through the door ahead of you to find two panels similar to the one before.
  7. Activate the panel on the right to unlock the door on the right, and take a left out of the room.
  8. Proceed down the hallway to a locked door which will open once the door behind you closes. In the next room, you’ll be checking to see if the Double Agent is inside, but there are multiple guards inside. You can evade the detection of the guards by peaking to see who is on top of each platform, and not fully going up the stairs.
  9. Return back to the central room with the two panels, and interact with the left panel.
  10. Take a right out of the room and proceed down the hallway through the door — completing Objective A. There will be multiple enemies in this room as well, so be prepared to eliminate multiple guards here.
  11. Defeat the enemies inside and go up the stairs to the next area. Follow the path and defeat enemies along the way until you reach an opening with a pillar.
  12. Check the three rooms here for last opportunities to meet Dr. Doak, the Double Agent — completing Objective B. Continue down the hallway to a locked door.

How to use the door decoder

Door Decoder with a door surrounded in caution tape

Graphic: Johnny Yu/Polygon Source Images: Rare/Nintendo

  1. If you are on Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulty, this requires the door decoder from Dr. Doak – see above for his locations.
  2. Open your inventory by pressing the start button and select the door decoder in the weapons section.
  3. Unlock the door by aiming at the door and using the fire buttonand enter the room.

Laboratories and Bottling Room

Where to place remote mines and exit locations depicted by arrows

Graphic: Johnny Yu/Polygon Source images: Rare/Nintendo

  1. Head down the stairs and find Trevelyan also known as 006 — completing Objective C.
  2. Open your inventory and switch to the remote mine.
  3. Throw one mine onto the front of a tank in the second row to ensure that one mine will destroy two tanks at once.
  4. Repeat step eight with the remaining four tanks.
  5. Detonate the tanks after the room is breached by enemies, and escape either through the set of doors or on the conveyor belt.

This completes Mission 1: Arkangelsk – Stage 2: Facility of GoldenEye 007and leads into Stage 3: Runway.

Before you move on, it might be worth unlocking this level’s GoldenEye 007 cheat, now you’re fully familiar with its objectives.

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