Horoscope Today: January 20, 2023 | Vogue India

See what the stars have in store for your sign

Pisces, the perfect time is now and the perfect time is today. So, whatever you’ve been thinking about starting or pouring your energy into, know that it will receive a major boost from Spirit. Sagittarius, the cards are talking about both breakdowns and breakthroughs and breakthroughs that look like breakdowns. So, power through it all, beautiful. What seems like the worst thing is just a blessing in disguise! But, you’re protected, Aquarius. You’re protected in more ways than you can count. You’re protected against the harshest of winds and the stormiest of storms. Every time things don’t go your way, every time you find yourself in the midst of chaos, every time you find that life as you know it has ceased to exist, know that there is a reason. There’s a higher reason and that divine protection is at play.

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