I did weighted dead bugs for a week — here’s what happened to my abs

When it comes to ab exercises, one of my favorites is the dead bug — it’s one of the best ab exercises out there, it’s relatively simple, plus, as I learned from doing 100 dead bugs a day for a week, it really torches your core. But what would happen if I added weights to the move?

Despite the slightly odd name, dead bugs are a supine abdominal exercise that targets the deepest abdominal muscles and lower back, without putting too much strain on the spine. They also work on the body’s contra-lateral limb engagement — teaching the body to move opposing limbs at the same time, while keeping the core and back stable. This is helpful for sports like running, tennis, and baseball, or any activities that involve lateral, or twisting movements. Finally, when practicing dead bugs, and working on these deep stabilization muscles, you’re strengthening a part of your body that can help protect you from injury. Find out more about how to do a dead bugand the modifications to try here.

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