PSVR2 vs Meta Quest 2: Does PlayStation Have a Chance?

Earlier today, Meta hosted its second annual Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, featuring a variety of announcements including a brand-new Ghostbusters VR game. The showcase sparked a spirited discussion within IGN about the Meta Quest 2’s comparative dominance of the VR market, where it currently enjoys a roughly 78 percent market shareand whether Sony’s PlayStation VR2 can be successful in such an environment.

First announced back in February 2021, the PSVR2 will reportedly focus on “console-quality” VR games for PS5 via hybrid games that can be played both with and without VR. Sony officially unveiled the new tech at CES along with its new Sense Controllers, with Sony confirming that it will feature a high-res OLED display, a controller-tracking IR camera, and four cameras in the headset itself. Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is being developed by Guerilla Games and Firesprite, is an “ambitious AAA narrative adventure” that seems to be a template for what Sony is trying to achieve on the platform, though we don’t know a full extent of the library, nor even if it will be backward compatible, just yet.

When the PSVR2 is eventually released, it will be an interesting test of whether AAA VR can draw a mainstream audience. It will also draw inevitable comparisons to Meta’s standalone headset. But can the PSVR2 succeed on its own merits? And are those comparisons even fair? Here’s what we think.

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