First on CNN: US considers dramatically expanding training of Ukrainian forces, US officials say

Washington CNN — The Biden administration is considering a dramatic expansion in the training the US military provides to Ukrainian forces, including instructing as many as 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers a month at a US base in Germany, according to multiple US officials. If adopted, the proposal would mark a significant increase not just in the … Read more

Iranian protesters celebrate World Cup defeat, as fears surround players’ return

CNN — Iran’s World Cup defeat to the United States was met by cheers and celebrations in Tehran and other Iranian cities on Tuesday evening, as protesters hailed the country’s exit from the tournament as a blow to the ruling regime. The nation was eliminated from the tournament in Qatar after its 1-0 loss on … Read more

How Ukraine is innovating Soviet-era weapons for a 21st century battlefield

Bakhmut, Ukraine CNN — In a basement in eastern Ukraine, young men sit at a long table strewn with laptops, their eyes glued to a television screen an arm’s length away. They watch black figures on a bleak winter hilltop, which appear to panic, then run across the frame. It’s a live video feed from … Read more

China to punish internet users for ‘liking’ posts in crackdown after zero-Covid protests

Hong Kong CNN Business — Internet users in China will soon be held liable for liking posts deemed illegal or harmful, sparking fears that the world’s second largest economy plans to control social media like never before. China’s internet watchdog is stepping up its regulation of cyberspace as authorities intensify their crackdown on online dissent … Read more

Ali Karimi: Iranian soccer great alleges death threats made against him by the Iran government after supporting protesters

CNN — Iranian soccer great Ali Karimi has alleged that death threats have been made against him, while his family and close friends have been intimidated and harassed by the Iranian government following his support of ongoing protests in the country. Known as the ‘Asian Maradona,” the 44-year-old Karimi, who retired from playing in 2014, … Read more

China launches 3 astronauts to new space station

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN — Three astronauts lifted off to China’s nearly completed space station on Tuesday, marking the beginning of the country’s long-term presence in space. It’s a major achievement for China’s ambitious space program, which has … Read more

China could have 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035: Pentagon report

CNN — China’s stockpile of nuclear warheads has surpassed 400 in a fraction of the time previously estimated by the United States, a major Pentagon report revealed, with Beijing focusing on accelerating its nuclear expansion as it seeks to challenge the US as the world’s top super power. In 2020, the US estimated that China … Read more

White House treads carefully as protests unfold in China as US tries to mend relations with Beijing

Washington CNN — As frustrated demonstrators take to the streets across China to protest the government’s draconian Covid-19 restrictions – prompting rare civil unrest and clashes between the public and officials – the Biden White House is choosing its words carefully and deliberately. Top US officials who have been closely monitoring the unrest in China … Read more

Kyiv says it won’t let Putin steal Christmas as Russian attacks threaten bleak winter in Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine CNN — The mayor of Kyiv has said the city “cannot let Putin steal our Christmas” as Ukrainians prepare to tentatively celebrate the festive season with darkened trees while Russian airstrikes knock out power and wreak havoc on critical infrastructure. Christmas trees will be erected across the Ukrainian capital to mark Christmas and … Read more

Is this the last Christmas for Sears?

New York CNN Business — Tracy Easterling spent about an hour Sunday shopping at Sears, which used to be one of her favorite stores. She ended up with nothing to show for it but memories. Easterling was at the Sears in her hometown of Jersey City, New Jersey, one of only 15 full-line Sears stores … Read more