A Review Of Peter Strickland’s Flux Gourmet

(left to right) Asa Butterfield as Billy Rubin, Fatma Mohamed as Elle Di Elle, and Ariane Labed as Lamina Propria in Peter Strickland’s Flux Gourmet.Photo: IFC Midnight People regularly throw the word “surreal” around simply to mean weird. But surrealism as an artistic movement is a specific pursuit of the unconscious; probing the irrationality of … Read more

William at 40: A milestone birthday in a life under scrutiny

LONDON (AP) – The world watched as Prince William grew up from a towheaded schoolboy to a dashing air-sea rescue pilot to a balding father of three. But as he turns 40 on Tuesday, William is making the biggest change yet: assuming an increasingly central role in the royal family as he prepares for his … Read more

Racism could ruin metaverse if tech doesn’t improve diversity now

The tech industry’s disappointing track record on issues of diversity could have serious consequences when the metaverse comes along. For years, tens of millions of people of color have endured unwelcome experiences on social media platforms built by mostly white and male tech CEOs, including harassment and hate speech. Many users have also had their … Read more

How much for gas? Around the world, pain is felt at the pump

COLOGNE, Germany (AP) – At a gas station near the Cologne, Germany, airport, Bernd Mueller watches the digits quickly climb on the pump: 22 euros ($ 23), 23 euros, 24 euros. The numbers showing how much gasoline he’s getting rise, too. But much more slowly. Painfully slowly. “I’m getting rid of my car this October, … Read more

South Korean pianist Yunchan Lim wins the 2022 Cliburn Competition

Yunchan Liman 18-year-old pianist from South Korea, won the Sixteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition on June 18 in Fort Worth. Second place went to Anna Geniushene, 31, of Russia; and third place went to Dmytro Choni28, of Urkraine. As the top prize winner, Lim takes home a gold medal, $ 100,000 cash, international concert … Read more

Inflation and recession fears are squeezing some industries more than others

A woman pushes a shopping cart through the grocery aisle at Target in Annapolis, Maryland, on May 16, 2022, as Americans brace for summer sticker shock as inflation continues to grow. Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images People still appear willing to shell out to travel, go to the movies and have a drink … Read more

HBO doc ‘Chernobyl’ exposes lies told by Soviet government

It was the fall of 1986, some six months after the catastrophic Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explosion, and a group of soldiers suited up to enter the radiation-riddled site. Their task: Clean hundreds of tons of expelled, highly radioactive, nuclear fuel from rooftops near the reactor. Dressed in what appears to be foul-weather gear, one … Read more

McCartney marks 80th birthday with Springsteen, 60,000 pals

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – Hard to think of a better way for Paul McCartney to celebrate his 80th birthday than by singing “Glory Days” onstage with Bruce Springsteen or being serenaded by some 60,000 well-wishers. That’s right, the “cute Beatle” turns 80 on Saturday. It’s one of those cultural milestones that bring a sharp intake … Read more

How retirees gamed the lottery

Like they say, go big or go home. In 2003, a retired Midwestern couple in their 60s chose the former by winning millions after discovering – and exploiting – a legal loophole in a lottery game sold across the United States. They are Jerry and Marge Selbee of Evart, Michigan. Together with their friends and … Read more