Singapore imports 90% of its food – how is it coping with inflation?

A rooftop farm in Singapore on May 27, 2020. The small island nation lacks natural resources and imports more than 90% of its food from more than 170 countries and regions. Lauryn Ishak | Bloomberg | Getty Images Singapore is known for its variety of street food and local cuisines, but many may not know … Read more

The History, Evolution, and Future of Iron Chef

I remember my first exposure to food television vividly. As a kid I would be in the basement flipping through channels to find something, anything to watch before my designated TV time was over and I must succumb to slumber. When I first came across an episode of the original Iron Chef Being rerun on … Read more

‘Chicken-rice crisis’ as Singapore’s national dish hit by Malaysian export ban

Singapore CNN Business – Mohammad Jalehar was a teenager in the 1990s when he heard warnings about looming food and water shortages in Singapore. “Whenever our government would clash with Malaysia’s, we were told that there would be no more meat or fish or vegetables coming from Malaysia to feed our families. Water would also … Read more

How Costco became a staple of Asian America

Durian at a Costco Wholesale location in Woodland Hills, California. April 24, 2022. Wendy Leung Wendy Leung rarely saw durian in grocery stores growing up in Los Angeles, but the 45-year-old nonprofit worker found the fruit at her local Costco Wholesale in San Fernando Valley this April. Durian is used in Southeast Asian cuisines and … Read more

It’s OK to Make Ramen With Spaghetti, Actually (and How to Do It)

Photo: HikoPhotography (Shutterstock) Substituting ingredients in culturally specific dishes is a tricky business. Some people are food pioneers, ready to throw in something new and risk a whole dish in the hopes of achieving terrific results. Others are recipe purists who will sooner rename your dish than accept the swap — especially when it comes … Read more

India’s wheat was easing the food crisis. Then it banned exports

New Delhi CNN Business – A month ago, as Russia’s war in Ukraine pushed the world to the brink of a food crisis, India’s prime minister Narendra Modi offered to help countries facing shortages. “We already have enough food for our people but our farmers seem to have made arrangements to feed the world,” Modi … Read more

FDA announces it will make it easier to import some baby formulas to ease shortage

CNN – The US Food and Drug Administration said Monday that it is making it easier to import certain infant formulas as it works to address a nationwide shortage. The US ordinarily produces 98% of the infant formula it uses, with imported formula primarily coming from Mexico, Ireland and the Netherlands, the agency said in … Read more

Plant-based food stocks Beyond Meat, Oatly face a reset

In this photo illustration Oatly oat milk is shown on May 20, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois. Scott Olson | Getty Images Wall Street appears to be souring on plant-based substitutes. Shares of Beyond Meat and Oatly have shed more than half their value this year. The stocks are both high-profile and relative recent entrants to … Read more

Plants have been grown in lunar soil for the 1st time ever

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN – In a landmark first, scientists have grown plants in lunar soil using samples collected during the Apollo missions to the moon. This is the first time plants have been sprouted and grown on … Read more

Uber to cut down on costs, treat hiring as a ‘privilege’: CEO email

Uber will cut back on spending and focus on becoming a leaner business to address a “seismic shift” in investor sentiment, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told employees in an email obtained by CNBC. “After earnings, I spent several days meeting investors in New York and Boston,” Khosrowshahi said in the email, which was sent out late … Read more