Singapore imports 90% of its food – how is it coping with inflation?

A rooftop farm in Singapore on May 27, 2020. The small island nation lacks natural resources and imports more than 90% of its food from more than 170 countries and regions. Lauryn Ishak | Bloomberg | Getty Images Singapore is known for its variety of street food and local cuisines, but many may not know … Read more

Travel costs are up but travelers aren’t canceling their plans yet

Summer travel talk sure isn’t what it used to be. Rather than sun, sand and surf, many travel discussions now center on inflation, rising fuel costs and flight cancellations, a situation which could derail a much-needed 2022 summer travel comeback. Travel conversations on Twitter decreased 75% from April to May, while discussions related to gas … Read more

Q&A: Indonesia’s defense minister on security in the Asia-Pacific Military News

Singapore – As defense chiefs from around the Asia-Pacific gather in Singapore for the Shangri-La Dialogue, much of the focus has been on growing tensions between the United States and China. The three-day security summit organized by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies is considered the most important defense-related conference in the region. This … Read more

US: China’s military activity around Taiwan threatens region

SINGAPORE (AP) – US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stressed American support for Taiwan on Saturday, suggesting at Asia’s premier defense forum that recent Chinese military activity around the self-governing island threatens to change the status quo. Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Austin noted a “steady increase in provocative and destabilizing military activity … Read more

‘Chicken-rice crisis’ as Singapore’s national dish hit by Malaysian export ban

Singapore CNN Business – Mohammad Jalehar was a teenager in the 1990s when he heard warnings about looming food and water shortages in Singapore. “Whenever our government would clash with Malaysia’s, we were told that there would be no more meat or fish or vegetables coming from Malaysia to feed our families. Water would also … Read more

Pope names 21 new cardinals, from Asia, Africa, elsewhere

VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Francis named 21 new cardinals Sunday, most of them from continents other than Europe – which dominated Catholic hierarchy for most of the church’s history – and further putting his mark on the group of people who might someday elect the next pontiff. Sixteen of those who will receive the … Read more

People are leaving Hong Kong and here’s where they’re going

They stuck it out during the political protests of 2019. Then they lasted through nearly two years of pandemic. But this year, they say they’ve had enough. Residents of Hong Kong are leaving the city in droves in 2022 – not because they want to, several told CNBC, but because Covid restrictions and what they … Read more