The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Need Honest Relationships During Mercury Conjunct Venus On November 21, 2022

When we meet someone whom we know we will get into a romantic relationship with, we bring our best game; they get to see us at our finest, and we, them.

That’s how the dating game works: we sort of ‘lie’ to the person we want to impress so that they don’t reject us for being ourselves, just in case being ourselves is ultimately not what we think another person might want.

This also means we have to keep up, this facade or image, and that means we have to keep track of our moves.

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After a while, being in a relationship becomes about finding new ways to hide who we really are, and newer ways to keep up the lie.

During Mercury’s conjunct Venus, upholding the lie will become near impossible. As it should! This is our big opportunity to come clean; We are who we are, and while we might have fallen into the fear pit that tells us we’d never be accepted as we are, we will come to know on this day that being who we are is all we are.

The days of lies, false imagery, deceptive side-tracking, and inauthentic behavior are over. It’s time to face the music, which means, it’s time, to tell the truth, come hell or high water, as they say.

During Mercury conjunct Venus, we will be compelled to get it all out of our system…and that goes both ways. Expect your partner to come clean, too, as they can hardly keep it up anymore, either.

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